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San Diego NUCCA Care - Dr. Aaron A. Kenna

Free Exam & Consultation

Dr. Kenna provides easy access and availability to new patients of San Diego Spinal Care. New patients receive a free initial exam & consultation.

Gentle, Science Based Care

NUCCA uses mathematics, physics, & biomechanics to provide a gentle, calculated adjustment that corrects body imbalance and restores your full natural healing capabilities. It is this advanced level of care & specialized attention that makes NUCCA extremely effective at maximizing your full potential for health & wellness.

Advanced Care. Superior Healing

Many people have tried different treatment methods prior to NUCCA chiropractic care and still have not found the relief they seek. NUCCA helps to achieve superior health & healing by returning your body to a state of true balance and full neurologic function.

Top Level Doctor

San Diego NUCCA Doctor Aaron A. Kenna makes a science of your healthcare. Patients of Dr. Kenna's Sorrento Valley practice frequently report significant improvement in multiple areas of their health that leaves them excited about living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.

24/7 Appointment Scheduling

Dr. Kenna offers 24/7 Appointment Scheduling. You can schedule your new patient or regular adjustments 24/7 by calling 858-877-3217.

Dr. Aaron A. Kenna Makes A Science Of Your Healthcare.

Dr. Kenna will simply change your life!

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